I’d Rather Be Blogging

I’d like to get that on a bumper sticker. I’m sure someone makes them.

I found myself falling asleep in awkward post-dinner positions on the couch with my contact lenses glued to my eyes a few times this week. I’m certainly not getting the physically activity that should be the culprit, since only my fingers have gotten the walking lately, clearly only at work, that is.

So as I awake at 2-something in the morning, and write out of guilt because I’ve missed a couple days, I ask you fellow bloggers, when do you find the time to write in between the daily grind?

Your typical day could be chasing kids around or fighting the daily commute to a full-time job. I’m curious because there are so many wonderful blogs; it makes me wonder if the writers have more time to ponder and mentally escape or if I’m not utilizing my time correctly.

Some days seem like a no brainer, I get so inspired that it just happens. Even more often, I’ll write something that I think is just ok and have it be a great hit. This often makes me contemplate my knack, particularly when I write something I think is one of my best and it’s posted with the accompaniment of cricket noises.

I’m always interested in learning more; I’d like to learn how my fellow bloggers do it. Please share if you have the time. Get it?

You know what I should do…I should utilize those Daily Posts with all those good ideas…yes, challenge accepted.  Thank you Captain Obvious.


8 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Blogging

  1. No advice, I just do as and when and to what ever suits at time. 😉 I miss the occasional challenge to enable to catch up or do my own post. good luck 😉

  2. I’ve found with most of my posts less is more. Less content seems to get more hits. Of course Mondays are just bad and Fridays/Saturdays people are too busy, especially in the summer to sit down and read posts. Other than that, I’ve made it a point to bring a note book with me (everywhere I go) and the moment I have something cross my mind I write it down. Whether it’s a poem, some creative way to describe something or a photo idea. I’ve been doing that for a while with my personal journaling, but now I have blogging in the back of my mind. I still don’t have the traffic on my site that some do and I secretly I don’t blame them. I feel like my stuff is mostly sub-par. Anyway, I enjoy your posts, keep writing.

    • I don’t think your stuff is sub-par, I enjoy it.
      I think we have similar methods, I’d be lost without my handy little notebook. I need to remember to grab my camera more though, it’s just so bulky.
      I appreciate your feedback, I hope you did well at your yardsale this weekend!

  3. I’ve just started up my latest blog, but I have been blogging for about 10 years on various topics and have developed a system that works quite well for me and keep chugging out content on a daily basis.

    I highly recommend editorial calendars. I have two: a master one with content that has already been published and how it is doing, and another one for ideas and drafts. It keeps your content organized and you can even get ideas for new content from things you have posted in the past.

    And if you want to blog, you have to make the time to write content…BUT don’t let it take over your whole life. I set aside three days a week, usually Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when I have the most free time, brainstorm some ideas, and write out some drafts for future blog posts. In a couple hours each of those days, I can write about a dozen articles.

    • First, thanks so much for sharing.
      Second, the calendars are a really interesting method that I think I’d like to try. I find that when I’m not giving myself enough time to really delve into a topic, there is so much more than can be done “maybe later”. That is an excellent way to be reminded on what to expand on later, and also keep track of what worked or didn’t. And you’re right, setting aside the time is important. Just knowing there is time to dedicate instead of trying to cram something in at the end of the day.
      I’m really grateful for your ideas…thanks again.

  4. You might find a walk would help you cook up ideas, while getting more oxygen to the brain. Twenty minutes is about right I find that the more I veg out, the more I just want to veg out. 8^D

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