Finishing Things and Good Deeds

This will be fairly short, as I woke up on the couch and for the life of me, could not think of anything today, that would be worth pouring out for you.  I did find however, a couple posts in my “drafts”.  One of them is called “Following Through”, which I found really hilariously ironic because it appears I started that post on 1/16/2012 – just about three months ago.

This 365 post is one of the few things I’m proud to be sticking to, regardless.  If I’m not writing here, I’ve been writing for a blog called Sprouts and sometimes I end up posting twice a day here to make up for a busy Saturday or something along those lines.  Damn, this is a boring post, but I cannot be defeated by this goal.  Then I got a blogger award about a half hour ago, about how people should really see my page because I’m great.  Jacob, I’m extremely grateful you thought of me and here I am with nothing to say tonight.

So the start of “Following Through” is below.  I wonder if I felt too much pressure to commit myself to good deeds.  No, I try to do those anyway, even when it bites me in the ass.  Funny though, one of our local DJ’s, on a loud rock station no less, mentioned how he found a daily blog about good deeds and urged people to visit it.  I then realized there is nothing solid about my blog to initiate being declared as the “go to” for anything, but random thoughts and odd reasons to post pictures of Ireland, my long lost love.

So why post it now, you ask?  Because I’d like to get to bed.  I will likely come up with a rousing “did you ever notice” post tomorrow and mention how I do something like an old person, and you will hopefully not decide to remove your subscription in the meantime.  So without further ado, here’s my unfinished post about following through:

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How much is a first class stamp these days?

44 cents.  I googled it.

Loving books, the feel of paper and the romance of writing has always brought out a stationery junkie in me.  I have so many boxes of blank cards.  Some are funny, some are just beautiful and some are plain as to match the mood of anything I want to say.  I rarely use them anymore.  I even have a card box with an array of little tabs, so a very organized individual can keep track of holidays or meaningful reasons one should send a card.  I had great ambition to do that.  I have about 30 cards shoved in one little folder.

Last night I sat down and wrote out a couple of cards to people who deserved them.  I’ve had a sticky note on my phone for weeks as a form of encouragement to do actually do this.  You know, it didn’t take that long and felt good to do.  Sometimes I get embarrassed because I have the intention to drop a note to someone special, then so much time passes that I somehow feel even more embarrassed that I’ve waited so long.  I inevitably do nothing.  And guess what?  More than embarrassed, I get disappointed that I don’t follow through with more good intentions.  This random acts of kindness stuff sometimes makes me anxious, but I’d like to think I have or will make up for it.  It’s the thought that counts still, right?

Who doesn’t like getting mail?  Real mail that is, not credit card applications.

Do you think kids still learn to write in cursive?  Do you think elementary school kids will write at all when they grow up?