Weekend Blogger

My Dream Office

As someone who is finally a consistent blogger, I’m starting to see trends, some of which disturb me.  Reading traffic really dies on the weekends for me.  I realize that I’m not sitting at home on weekends, enthralled with reading freshly pressed blogs, I’m out living life.  Oh wait, it’s late on a Friday night and here I am – doing exactly that.  As my husband watches cartoons on Netflix, I write to you and wonder…will anyone read my post this Saturday?

Doing the 365 blog has been a gift thus far because it is forcing me to take time to write, when I previously thought it would be impossible.  Initially I did say that I don’t do this for the followers or recognition, but it is nice to get it.  It’s also nice to make connections with other writers and broaden one’s horizons from feedback.

I’m starting to wonder though, should I save my more uninteresting or less inspired topics for the weekend?  If you read what I posted most recently, you may think I’ve already jumped on this train of thought.  You might be right, as posting my cookie recipe is not earth shattering.  You writers out there must admit, there are simply days that are less inspired.  You write for the love of writing, but somedays the words don’t seem to flow as easily and the humor just won’t rear its head.

How could I not be inspired with The Last Airbender and pug snores pre-occupying my senses?  I think it’s time to get my “office” in order post-Christmas and find my zone; where everything is just so and all that exists is a flowing thoughts and tapping fingers.  And by office, I mean the guest bedroom that has a desk and bookshelf in it, as well as miscellenous laundry that needs folding and piles of 2011 paperwork that needs to be shredded.