I’m Back…365 Consecutive Days…Not This Year

It’s been a process, but I’m back.

We’ve travelled overseas, worked our tails off and I’m officially unemployed. This is all a good thing, but it has taken a toll on my time. Today is the official start of a new life and a happier Mae.  The weight has already been lifted, though it seems very surreal. Having left a stressful and unrewarding career behind, I’m on the hunt to do what makes me happy and somehow find a way for it to pay off in satisfaction and eventually to pay some bills. I’m lucky because I have an incredibly supportive husband who would rather see my smile than my paychecks, at least for a little while.  He’s giving me the chance to do good for others and for us, despite the sacrifices that may lie ahead.

The World Is Your Oyster by Bill Frymire

I have a lot of ideas and wonderful volunteer opportunity that I start at the end of this week.  One that I’m hoping leads me down the road to a career of history and ancestry, and maybe a few other options. I’ll be immersed in the smell of old books and side by side with brainy researchers. It’s the first step toward working toward something that has appealed to me since the fourth grade. Will this be my career or will it just lead me to something else?  Who knows, but if I didn’t take the leap, we’d never ever know. Life is full of chances and I’m about to take a lot of them.

Thanks for following me to my new address; I’m so lucky to have you along for the ride.

Tell me about some of the chances you’ve taken. Was there ever a chance that didn’t pay off or at least bring you some sort of opportunity or happiness that you may have never realized?


8 thoughts on “I’m Back…365 Consecutive Days…Not This Year

  1. I have with a fellow blogging friend set up a new blog site, specialising in
    Missing,Lost kids and adults and related topics, I do not see it as a chance or risk but it might well be. We will have to see, I have done a post on my Gerry’s Space if you are interested in checking it out… 🙂 good luck with yours..

  2. We have been talking of my retiring and my wife going back to work. I want to start taking my photography and writing hobbies more seriously. My wife just wants to work- either paid or as a volunteer. Should be interesting if we actually do it. So I’ll be following you to see how your new life goes. Good luck!

  3. Some choices I’ve made I have had some remorse over in the short term, but after being separated from them by a few years, I’ve come to see that those decisions were used in a bigger way that brought me to where I am now. Without those seemingly regrettable decisions I wouldn’t be quite where I am now: Contentment. If that makes sense? I’m looking forward to hearing more about your “reset” on life.

  4. I made my ‘big break’ in 2008 and emigrated to Ireland after 31 years in Jersey. I crashed and burned big time. And guess what? I’d do it all over again. Not chasing your dreams will only leave you with regrets and I have none at all.

    Good luck Mae/Shannon.

    • Thanks Roy, I always appreciate your comments and you’re always very positive and encouraging. I’m wishing you all the successes you’re dreaming of too.

  5. Thanks for finding and subscribing to my blog. If you don’t take a chance and follow your dreams, you will always wonder what might have been. Nice to meet you 🙂 Judy

  6. Life is just one big risk after another, at least my life has been. Good luck with your new project/ career. If you love it, it’s got to be worth it.

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