I’m A Brick – Part Two

Philadelphia was built by innovators and blue collar immigrants. Though we’ve housed our fair share of wealthy folk, it has never been an upscale or rich city; rich in culture and history, yes, but not in money. Like other old East Coast cities, Philadelphia was built by people like my ancestors. They mixed the mortar, carried the bricks, polished the marble and bend the heated iron.

The city has beautiful areas that are captured of Philadelphia based movie and TV sets. It also has beautiful materials left in rundown neighborhoods that share marble steps amongst trash and crumbling concrete. It may not all be polished, but it’s ours.

To coincide with my last post, here is Philadelphia and its brick.


1 thought on “I’m A Brick – Part Two

  1. As you say, if those bricks could talk. I often look at old structures and think of the tradesmen who actually built them. They weren’t a bit interested in their bricks and were thinking more along the lines of ‘I wonder what’s in my sandwiches today’ or ‘is it time to go home yet’. But they leave a great piece of social history.
    And that’s why it’s sad when someone comes along and knocks an old wall down without a second thought – all those shades of the past are destroyed in the process.
    Nice observations Shannon – I’m surprised that wall in the second to last shot is still standing though.

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