Simple Things That Make Me Happy

I feel like my posts tend to alternate between longing (teetering on whiney) and dorky ideas.  I don’t do this on purpose, but maybe writing down things that bother me are effective enough that the following day I can look past them, at least temporarily, to see the beauty and pleasure in other things.

I sat here smiling as my pug and my husband snore next to me; (I mean, no honey, you don’t snore). I thought about how lucky I am to find joy in simple things. In no particular order, these are things that make me happy.  I welcome what simple things make you happy; there is always room to add to the list.

  • Tea, in a teacup with saucer and perfectly sweetened.  On a regular day, I drink tea unsweetened at work, just throwing a tea bag into the cleanest mug I have within reach.  (It just feels that way, don’t worry, I wash them.)  I’ve tried to perfect a perfect pot of tea; I can’t seem to do it like my Mom does, and so I make mine by the cup.  I go in phases with what type I’m in the mood for and lately rooibos wins.  Still, I wish I gave myself a moment to sit down and absorb just a moment of sunlight and a few minutes to drink tea each morning.  At the very least, I take a moment to think about the little sayings on my tea bags.  I started to save them at my desk because they are generally uplifting and every corporate cubicle can use random positivity.  Geez, now I sound like a hoarding Pollyanna.
  • Hot buttered toast and dipping it in hot chocolate.  Mmm.  I think I’m hungry.  Maybe I’m missing my Mom.  She’d make this for me when I was little, because her Mom did the same.  It came up in conversation before she passed that my Great-Grandmom used to get this when she was a kid from her Mom too.  I suppose it’s a traditional treat then.  The hot chocolate must be hot and so must the bread, and it should be white bread.  If you’re going to do this, you might as well go all out and use the soft white bread.  One day without wheat bread won’t kill you, but it might be the real butter that I suggest you use.  I know I’ve missed the boat to suggest this part, but it is particularly good on a colder morning. We still have some of these left.

Early morning. Though I have my favorites, Oscar prefers oatmeal.

  • Hanging clothes on the line.  Laundry chores are annoying but necessary.  I think this makes me happy because it has to be a beautiful day for this chore to be feasible, and that itself is a reason to smile. There is just something calming about pinning sheets up in a gentle breeze on a warm and sunny day.  Just don’t step in dog poo while you trek through the yard, it certainly takes away from the calming experience.
  • Looking through old pictures.  Even if I wasn’t there, if I see people I love in pictures, especially if they look happy, it makes me happy.  I enjoy knowing all about people, not to be nosy, but I like to understand people and there are so many dimensions, usually.  Sometimes a picture can capture something you never knew about a person.  I found an old picture of a relative I never knew because they passed long before me.  They were considered to be stiff and stern.  In the picture, she was goofy and rolling around on a beach blanket, playing with her granddaughter.  It totally changed the perspective I had from someone else’s memory.  Whether it was one moment of fun she had or one of many, at one time she let loose and I enjoyed knowing that about her.
  • Waking up really early on the weekend.  Even if I don’t want the calories, I love to get up and go to a bakery very early, or to an antique market.  Sometimes I’ll find an excuse to wander into the city and just walk around.  It’s so peaceful.  The weekday traffic disappears, the air is almost always crisp that early and the way the sun shines makes common surroundings look so beautiful.  I hate sleeping in and I actually wish I never needed to sleep because there is so much to see and do.  I like to get out and capture moments with peace in the morning, it feels like my own world, like I’m not in anyone’s way, no need to hurry and the day is endless.

I think this is a good start.  It is good to think about things that make us happy, so it is worth continuing another day.

I hope you read this over an early morning cup of tea (or hot chocolate).

1 thought on “Simple Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I love hanging wet clothing out to dry. Each thing has a special way. Important to is that some must hang side by side.
    Oh how I sometimes long for the long hot days in sunny South Africa.

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