Irish Sheep

I always just liked my photography the way it was. Not the fact that it was simple and mostly luck, but I might have felt it was cheating to alter it in any way. That being said, I had a Groupon for a large canvas that I needed to order and I need a nice piece for my new home office. I played around with an image I found that just felt so calming to me. It is of sheep.

This picture was captured while my husband drove us from the tip of Northern Ireland to Dublin, at the very end of our last trip there. We were desperately trying to beat the huge snow storm we had dodged our entire trip and this was taken just before we lost our luck at outrunning it. There is something calming about sheep; except the sheep that have the red blotches; this just seems morbid to me. I can deal with splotches of green or blue on their coats for farmer identification, but the first few times I saw splotches of red on a sheep my first reaction was

that it had been shot. That must be the Philadelphia background talking.

Sheep and green grass represents a calming life to me. I don’t have to work in the fields and survive by them, so to me, I just enjoy seeing them graze. I don’t have to herd them or work in the muddy fields to survive.  I do at times though, admire the life of a farmer; it is much more than meets the eye and I respect what it takes to make a living by working the land and raising animals. I read an Irish farmer’s blog not too long ago and it talked about how the culture of farming has changed and many younger farmers get their Master’s Degree to keep up with the changing mentality and technology of farming, in order to survive in this generation. It’s fascinating.

Now, I present to you…sheep. I only wish I could warn them how much their surroundings will change in about an hour. Nah, they’d have been warmer than me anyway, I’m sure.

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