Finishing Things and Good Deeds

This will be fairly short, as I woke up on the couch and for the life of me, could not think of anything today, that would be worth pouring out for you.  I did find however, a couple posts in my “drafts”.  One of them is called “Following Through”, which I found really hilariously ironic because it appears I started that post on 1/16/2012 – just about three months ago.

This 365 post is one of the few things I’m proud to be sticking to, regardless.  If I’m not writing here, I’ve been writing for a blog called Sprouts and sometimes I end up posting twice a day here to make up for a busy Saturday or something along those lines.  Damn, this is a boring post, but I cannot be defeated by this goal.  Then I got a blogger award about a half hour ago, about how people should really see my page because I’m great.  Jacob, I’m extremely grateful you thought of me and here I am with nothing to say tonight.

So the start of “Following Through” is below.  I wonder if I felt too much pressure to commit myself to good deeds.  No, I try to do those anyway, even when it bites me in the ass.  Funny though, one of our local DJ’s, on a loud rock station no less, mentioned how he found a daily blog about good deeds and urged people to visit it.  I then realized there is nothing solid about my blog to initiate being declared as the “go to” for anything, but random thoughts and odd reasons to post pictures of Ireland, my long lost love.

So why post it now, you ask?  Because I’d like to get to bed.  I will likely come up with a rousing “did you ever notice” post tomorrow and mention how I do something like an old person, and you will hopefully not decide to remove your subscription in the meantime.  So without further ado, here’s my unfinished post about following through:

“I’m a firm believer that it’s more than the thought that counts, it’s following through. Yes, I truly believe in this…but whether or not I actually follow through is up for debate. With time being so limited these days, I plan to start utilizing my blog to not only continue writing, but to do something good with it here and there along the way.

At first, I wanted to create a concept blog. Imagine….”365 Days of Goodness”, or something else really sugary and uplifting. I thought that if I could go out of my way to do a kind or thoughtful thing each day and write about it, it would lead to even greater happiness. It seemed like a task that I wasn’t sure I could live up to. I barely fit time in to write before as it was. Well, I’m getting this daily routine under control, now it’s time to do some good with it. Whether it encourages more positive behavior in my life or yours, yearning and striving to be better can’t be a negative.”

I do really feel serious about doing unprovoked “good” things, although I probably won’t be posting about it.  Looking back, I think I sort of got turned off by incorporating random acts of kindness because I don’t need to publicly pat myself on the back for doing something I feel I should do anyway.  I think there’s something about that in the Bible and in proverbs of every distinction.  Just be good and know in your soul that you’ve done good things and the best you can, without regrets.  We don’t get extra points in (enter wherever you think you’ll end up post mortem here) for announcing what good you’ve done.

There, I might have made something out of this – a distinct thought.  See you tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Finishing Things and Good Deeds

  1. This is hilarious. My list of “drafts” is also testament to my lack of follow-through. I have one draft called “Exercise for Beginners,” one called “Beginner’s Mind,” one called “How to get into medical school,” and a host of private posts I’ll never actually publish. I also had two entire blogs that were super weak false starts, eventually getting deleted before I wrote anything that anyone actually cared to read. Deciding on content is still an ongoing battle…a battle between crazy, unrelated interests and stupid ideas that are all over the board, as well as a battle between writing for readers vs. writing for myself vs. not writing at all.

    You’re right on with the “unprovoked good deeds” train of thought. I don’t think you (because you are a genuine, good person) could avoid feeling like you were self-aggrandizing if you blogged about the good deeds you do every day. Honestly, I think it’s just another testament to your character that you want to do good without feeling the need to talk or blog about it every day. Mentioning it here or there is one thing, but if you were actually able to sustain (without reservations) a blog where every post was somehow self-congratulating, I think I’d catch myself raising the eyebrow of judgment. What you’re doing here is much more enjoyable (at least for me), and I imagine it is much more sustainable.

    I didn’t have to search the recesses of my mind to think of your blog for the nomination. I love your writing and I think you’re hilarious. I’d go on but I don’t want to risk sounding like a groupie. Keep up the good work!

    • Jacob, I can’t thank you enough for how kind you’ve been to my writing and I. I’ve been enjoying yours as well and I’m glad you’ve found a place to put your random ideas, as I always look forward to your perspective.

      I laughed pretty hard when I saw the title of your first draft you mentioned to by the way.

      Thanks for being such a considerate blogger, it’s a pleasure to have had the opportunity to bounce things around with you. You can pat YOURSELF on the back for that, an act of kindness indeed. I’d have underlined “yourself” instead of yelling it at you, if they gave me the choice, sorry about that. 🙂

      • Ha! The lack of formatting options in a comment box often makes me feel like I’M HAVING DIFFICULTY CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE.

        This whole blogging thing (especially interacting with other writers and reading their stuff) has been a lot of fun.

        I’m so out of shape now that if I actually finished “Exercise for Beginners” I would be writing it for myself. And to think I used to be a personal trainer…

  2. While I can see your point about “not patting yourself on the back publicly” for your good deeds, an example or two might inspire others. Just saying…

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