Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

As an amateur photographer, I’m hoping these convey contrast properly, particularly with respect to lighting.  I took these inside a photography school in Philadelphia.  It was an old warehouse that was refurbished and converted into spaces for artists and their expressive institutions.

I fell for the old brickwork, the old glass windows and the beauty of the building which was restored out of a previously abandoned warehouse that at one time drew squatters and taggers.  The neighborhood isn’t great, but it appears the building has been respected since the rehab.  How they purposely refurbished the building around the graffiti reminds me of the new life it has taken on.  It encompasses the contrast between the stages of life this building and this area has seen over time; new to decrepit to repurposed.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. I’m mildly obsessed with both exposed brick and graffiti, and I love that you had a chance to combine the two. The contrast of perpendicular lines in the second photo is very nice…the rectangles of the windows, the square tiles in the floor, the vertical pillar and horizontal benches, the rafters, and of course, the brick. Excellent composition.

    • Thank you, that was really kind of you.
      I’m also obsessed with images like this, that incorporate life in the form of old and new, so you’ll probably see some more if I get the opportunity. I love hearing what other people can pull out of a picture, so I’m really glad you shared.

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