How Do You Get Out of a Slump?

My writing has suffered as of late, but I refuse to give up.  I can tell that it’s suffering because not as many people are reading it either.  I’m mentally preparing for some pretty big decisions in my life and that has launched a grenade into my creative thinking brain space.  I’ve learned that there are few things that don’t fix this struggle:

  1. An ice cream and cookie diet.  One, it makes everything feel messy, like my keyboard, my phone, my face.  I’m not a slob; I think that eating unhealthy food just makes everything feel gross; including the extra pound or five.  It’s really only made me feel worse about myself and worry more.  This does not lead to creative brain activity.
  2. Diving into a romance trilogy.  As hereditarily impatient as I am, I must finish a book immediately after starting it.  So, last week I cracked open a romance trilogy about Irish sisters and it’s consumed my free time.  I honestly find solace in reading things like that now and then because I get a cheap giggle and get all sappy without making my husband watch a terrible chick flick.  Plus, I’ve always been one of the guys, so these allow me to be a girl without publicly announcing it.  Oh wait, I just did.  Regardless, these books only make me long for something, which makes me restless.  This one is making me Ireland-sick.  It’s not my home, just a place we’ve spent a month, and that I long for regularly.  This could lead to daydreaming and hence inspiration though, let me mull over this one.
  3. Neglecting friends.  This is never a good idea.  When I’m feeling uninspired though, I become a hermit and increasingly lazy.  Do not think about looking at my house right now either.  Where did all these clothes come from by the way?  Have I always shedded this much?  What a mess.
  4. Lacking a theme.  Months ago, I initially hoped to focus on being an old soul.  It has made an appearance through several posts, but for the most part, this blog has lacked consistency.  It most likely just emulates my mind’s patterns. I simply have too many interests.  That should be the biggest goal, to lay down a solid foundation and finish out the rest of the year right.  If you’re been reading this, I’m more than open to any ideas or inspiring thoughts on how to do that without creating a mundane goal.

Well, as one not to dwell too long, tomorrow I’m going to hesitantly go to a happy hour, socialize with some friends, eat healthy and finish that trilogy before I go to bed so I have free time this weekend.  Ok, that last part is a lame attempt to justify staying up late and appease my curiosity.  But I do it for my craft.  Maybe I’ll even dust on Saturday.

Then, with a clear mind, I’ll recreate myself.  How do you find inspiration, especially if you’re writing a 365 blog?

12 thoughts on “How Do You Get Out of a Slump?

    • That is a great idea. At first the idea seems overwhelming, but it would help to access different outlets, and the appropriate source for them.
      And I took your advice, I walked away yesterday. I didn’t post and it really bothered me at first, but I realized I had to.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write and encourage me.

      • That’s one of my biggest flaws that I have been working on, I like to post an idea too quickly. When that happens? The article suffers because there is always more to say and ways to tweak the article itself. Another thing that may help you that I’m personally working on is, try to think of your writing as your paint brush. When you write, your painting a picture in the minds of your readers, hence, their mind and imagination is your easel to paint on with your words.
        Looking at it from that perspective kind of aids in articulating your words. I ain’t no professional and need tons of work though. Just some ideas. 😀

  1. I enjoy your writing Shannon. With this ‘post a day’ thing however you’re chained to it. It’s probably becoming more like a job that you don’t particularly enjoy. Personally I write only when I feel like doing so.

    You almost have it at #4 in your post, as has adultsaltires. Fall back on those subjects you really, really like and enjoy. This will shine through.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Roy, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write that.
      It does sometimes feel like a chore, but as I started writing my post for today, I realized the motivation behind it, was to prove I could. I’m too damn stubborn to admit defeat to this, so I will write what feels right and keep going.
      Thank you again, I’m really grateful for your time.

  2. It’s okay to be in a slump. If you weren’t from time to time, you wouldn’t be human. This would be the blog of a robot, and who would want to read that? I enjoy your blog and read it when I get a free moment. You have good insight and voice. I haven’t even blogged since my first post! I admire your goal to write daily, but it’s okay if you don’t.

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