2 thoughts on “Email Anxiety and the Epitome of Laziness

  1. I’ve been getting somewhat ruthless about deleting unread quite a lot of the emails that come my way each day. I’ve managed to get myself unsubscribed in some cases, but in others I can’t figure out how to do it.

    Then there are all my blogging buddies, many of whom post on subjects I just have to comment about, or I feel I’m abandoning them. It’s not just me: everyone I know is feeling overwhelmed by the information overload coming at them through the email.

    One day I’ll purge it all and start over, I tell myself. The problem is, somewhere in there is probably something of enormous importance that I dare not delete. Life used to be so simple…

  2. I had a friend who came late to the internet (she was a good deal older), and so all the jokes that had been floating around for years were new to her, even though most of us had seen them multiple times. Needless to say, she filled my inbox with scads of these things on a daily basis, and I tended not to read a lot of them. Then I got a very snippy email from her because I wasn’t responding to each and every one! 😯 I think we finally reached an understanding, but I still ignore a lot of the joke emails people send. Nobody has time for all that. The endless cat/funny animal videos, hoaxes (which I’m getting really tired of debunking because just hit ‘forward to all’ without checking Snopes.com first). It’s ridiculous. Don’t feel guilty about deleting the stuff.

    Great blog!

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