Recycled Fashion

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They are a (pending) non-profit that has incredible ideas for the future. I have no doubt they’ll make a difference.


What once seemed like an obscure topic and distant from mainstream culture, recycled and/or upcycled fashion has infused itself into our society in a big way.  The idea is to find new uses for old clothing and items, and repurposing them into whatever your heart desires.  It creates less waste and gives new life to items only your grandma considered saving, while creating your own personal fashion statement.  The basic principles of recycled fashion are based on the typical mindset of earlier Americans who did not partake in such a commercial society as we do today.  Green in concept, recycling fashion can be as simple as wearing your Mom’s old flares to re-fashioning any workable material to conform to your current and fashionable needs.

If it is broken, fix it; a logical concept right?  I have met people in our generation who buy new pants when their button falls off or…

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