Landlines That Tie Us Down

Princess Phone

We have a home phone and my husband and I each have cell phones. Like a growing population of people, my husband thinks we should drop the home phone and stay cellular. I just can’t do it.

I’ve recently discovered that I’m certain that the only reason we still have a landline is because my parents insist on keeping theirs, and for some reason that has made me feel attached to it. They are the only ones who call my home phone. Well, them and an occasional doctor’s office with a reminder about an upcoming appointment. These messages, by the way, take me days to listen to because I forget to check. (Which, sorry Doc, I remembered without your help because my cell phone already reminded me, with a fancy noise and everything.)

I’m not sure what my fear is. What could possibly go wrong if we don’t keep a home phone? What if our cell phones die and I need a landline? No, Shannon, husband says, it won’t help because our phones are electronic and without power, they won’t work.  So, if they are plugged in and functional, then why wouldn’t I just charge my cell phone?  Is it because we may have a third person who needs to talk on a phone at the same time we are using our cell phones?  Sure, the chance that someone in the 9-14% of the population without a cell phone is likely to have a sudden urge to make simultaneous calls from my house.

Well, my parents and I have different cell phone carriers and although I get free mobile to mobile, they don’t. So maybe I should keep it so they can continue to call me from their landline to ours and we can use our free long distance and no minutes.  That’s pretty convenient.  Except, yet another flaw, we really only talk on nights and weekends, which is free anyway.

Last but not least…how can I get such an awesome bundle deal from Comcast without a phone line?  Huh, Mr. Smarty Pants?  What do you mean we aren’t getting a good deal?  They raised our monthly bill to what?  Maybe we’ll cancel the whole thing altogether, hotspot our computer from my cell and watch Netflix.

Still, for some reason, it’s easier said than done.  I feel like a technology hoarder now.




1 thought on “Landlines That Tie Us Down

  1. Love this. I just a very similar conversation with my husband about our home phone line. I want to keep it, even though I can’t remember what the number is.

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