“Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Taken” – Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

I’d never encourage anyone to be purposely bizarre or ever behave in a false nature, but it seems that more than ever, people are afraid to be different, rather, true to themselves and let their colors show.  Is it because any unusual activity can be captured with a bystander’s smartphone and streamed worldwide in minutes?  For your information, there is a difference between being interesting and being in “The People of Walmart” email chains.

Life is about being true to who you are.  So who are you?  In my life, there are many inspiring people, and for different reasons, they are interesting because they are so unlike anyone else.  Some I know and some I perceive from a far.  They experiment with ambition, words, music and style.  How can anyone be fascinating or notable without letting their true and unique personality show?

The road for an individual that acts like an individual is not always the easiest one.  These roads though, are anything but mundane.  Regardless of whether you try to be yourself or force yourself to be average, your actions and lifestyle will never appeal to everyone and there will always be critics.  Being true to one’s self is the most honest thing you can do and be, and no one can fault you for that.

If they do, well…do you really need their acceptance anyway?



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