A Loan from the Universe

How it feels to break even unexpectedly.

I’m a conservative spender.  I prefer to buy things on sale and if there’s a discount within reach, I’ll use it.  But I will also pay more when things really matter and the longevity and quality of the product is important.  That being said, every now and then I end up feeling robbed.  It happens to all of us, you think you’ve been smart, only to realize later that you wasted your money or missed a killer deal.

I went to the Fossil store a few weeks ago to get the battery in my watch changed and the salesman said it would cost $15.00.  I thought it was crazy, but I needed my watch to actually work and handed it over.  He came back maybe five minutes later, handed it back and told me to have a nice day.  “I didn’t pay for it yet”, I told him.  He said, “I made you wait longer than I should have, don’t worry about it and Merry Christmas”.  Things like that seem to happen just as frequently as I find regret in another purchase.

I try to remember that eventually things fall into place and we will end up always breaking even.  I was talking to my husband about it today and he said, “Oh, you’re talking about a loan from the universe”.  I never thought of it that way, maybe it just always seemed like luck.  Things like that lead me to believe that its life’s little way to give you a buffer when you need it.  Wouldn’t you know, I unexpectedly needed $15 to donate toward a group gift the next day?

More so than just in finances, I think life has a way of managing us, just as much as we try to manage life.  When the two sides work together, some miraculous things happen.  In the end, maybe the most important thing is to be positive and remember what you do have, instead of what you don’t.