Cutting Ties With Unhealthy Relationships

There comes a time when we re-access things in our lives. For many it’s New Year’s, simply because it’s an official beginning to the next chapter in our lives.

Life is too short. We all know that. Yet have you ever found that you’ve surrounded yourself with someone that either doesn’t contribute to your life in a positive nature, or maybe we find we can’t benefit their existence in return? Friendship, like every healthy relationship, works by both parties giving and taking respectfully.  And sometimes people change and relationships evolve, either positively or negatively.  If we consider life to be a journey, I’m not too sure why we’d consider riding along with people who will make us miserable or drive us crazy.

I’ve had the luckiest opportunity to become close with many people in my life and with each year that passes, I find the need to establish a closer relationship with those who really matter, while accepting that the toxic bonds must sever. Carrying false and insignificant friendships around is like lugging unnecessary weight, and it has no benefit to anyone. The hardest part is letting go, because despite whatever the unhealthy aspect of the friendship is, there’s no need to ever be cruel or hurtful. As easy as it is to say “let go”, breaking up with a friend can be worse than a typical relationship because it’s not something people usually can foresee or fathom.

I certainly don’t suggest that backing away from a friendship is a practice everyone should exercise or even have the need to. But I did find some pointers that put some clarity into what you shouldn’t feel amongst your closest of friends.

Psychology based signs of a bad friendship:

  • They make you feel bad about yourself
  • They lie or betray you
  • They are possessive
  • They share your personal business with others
  • They drain you emotionally or simply wear you down
  • You’ve simply lost respect for them, and it’s something you cannot get over

I certainly hope that reading this only establishes in your mind how wonderful the friends in your life are, but if some of these factors ring a bell, I just hope you know that you deserve better. That being said, enjoy your weekend, with the people you cherish the most.


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