A New Year – New Challenges

So here we are. 2012.

I’d be lying if I said I was sad to see 2011 go. It was a trying year, not only at our home, but for many important people in my life. Things are going to change this year.

I have a lot of dreams, goals and well thought out intentions that simply ruminate in my mind – never bringing them to fruition. I am resourceful in every mundane task of my daily life but when it comes to giving myself a chance at success, I simply waste my life and my aspirations. It has to stop here.

This blog is an opportunity to stretch my ideas and my fingers on this keyboard. It’s crucial, simply because I do not try hard enough to succeed and I almost always give up too early on projects. I have to push myself and make this 365 day challenge happen. As simple as it seems, finding the time and the motivation amongst a full schedule will be difficult. The topics will vary and not always be earth shattering, but I’ll write regardless. And for once in my life, I’ll be able to say…”I did it”.

On a side note: The original 365 idea was not really meant to inspire or exercise writing so much, as make an interesting yearlong topic. My husband and our friends will probably be bored that I’ve decided not to go with the “365 – Beer a day” blog. I’m going to save my liver the damage and stick with feeding my soul a bit instead.

Cheers! Happy New Year.


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